Homemade browning sauce recipe

Homemade browning sauce recipe

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Homemade browning sauce for all your culinary needs – Gluten free, vegan




  1. Add the sugar to a saucepan and turn on medium heat.
  2. Use a wooden spoon or spatula and begin to slowly stir. The sugar will start to dissolve and turn into a syrup consistency while darkening.
  3. If the sugars begin to smoke too quickly then reduce the flame or switch off the stove and continue to stir while charring the sugar.
  4. Once the sugar darkens to a dark brown almost black in colour remove from the stove and carefully add the hot water. The saucepan will yield plenty of steam and splutter which is normal but please be very careful when following this step and add the water slowly – keep on stirring the pan.
  5. Once the sauce is formed, allow to cool before adding the pink salt and pouring into a sauce bottle.


Store in the refrigerator for several months.