Homemade butterscotch pudding **updated**

Butterscotch pudding2 150x150 - Homemade butterscotch pudding (paleo)

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vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free



  1. Bring the coconut milk to a boil once the the bubbles and foam begin to appear reduce the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. While the milk is simmering, add the egg and egg yolks to a medium size bowl and whisk them together.
  3. Then add the cup of sugar to the eggs, whisk everything together in order to breakdown any sugar lumps, by now you should notice a rich golden brown colour.
  4. Add the salt, vanilla and sieved tapioca flour to the egg/sugar mixture and mix both ingredients with the others.
  5. If the mixture seems too thick add up to a 1/4 of a cup of coconut milk to reduce the density.
  6. Remove the milk from the stove and gradually add the hot milk to the egg mixture, while stirring so the eggs don’t curdle. This is known as tempering. Pour the milk in carefully, stirring at the same time until the rest of it is added.
  7. Now pour the entire liquid back into the saucepan to cook the pudding and return the pan to the stove and cook on medium/low to thicken up. Be sure to constantly stir to prevent lumps from occurring.
  8. As you stir the mixture will begin to thicken up around 3-5 minutes, with bubbles forming.
  9. Once thickened use a big sieve to strain the pudding into another mixing bowl. As you pour the mixture into the sieve, stir to eliminate any lumps.
  10. When strained, proceed to mix in the butter.
  11. Allow to cool down before transferring to the refrigerator to serve chilled.
  12. Serve with candid fruit/nuts or a dollop of dairy free cream.