Jamaican fried chicken

Jamaican fried chicken square shot

Succulent Jamaican fried chicken thighs cooked to perfection using an air fryer



68 chicken thighs

For the egg marinade

2 tsp of hot sauce

1 tsp of ground ginger

1 tsp of ground onion

1 tsp of black pepper

1 tsp of ground garlic

1 cup of almond milk + 1tbsp of lemon

1 large egg

For the breadcrumbs

2 cups of ground almonds

1/3 cup of tapioca starch (don’t use to make the recipe keto)

1 tbsp of paprika

1 tbsp of thyme

1 tbsp of parsley

1 tsp of garlic powder

1 tsp of onion powder

1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper

1 tsp of pink salt

**Spray on cooking oil (olive oil spray)


In a large pour in the almond milk, lemon and crack the egg and whisk everything together.

Add all of the ingredients listed for the egg marinade – hot sauce, pink salt, ginger, onion, garlic and black pepper.

Whisk the condiments into the egg/milk mixture.

Add all of the chicken thighs facing downwards so the fleshy part is saturated in the liquid.

Cover and leave to marinate for at least an hour or preferably overnight

To make the breadcrumb mix all of the ingredients listed together with the ground almonds in a bowl.

Use two fingers grip the chicken at the edge as not rub off the excess and roll evenly in the breadcrumbs. Again handle with care, grip with two fingers so most of the breading doesn’t slide off.

Shake off any excess breading

Spray the air fryer basket evenly with cooking oil then add the chicken thighs, depending on the size of your unit, you may have to cook in batches.

Spray the top of the chicken too so it’s not dry.

Switch the fryer on and manually set to 175oc for 25 minutes

Turn the chicken over half way through the given time and spray the top of the chicken and basket again to prevent sticking

Serve accordingly