Tamarind juice recipe

tamarind juice recipe

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Delicious refreshing tamarind juice – vegan, paleo and gluten free



a box of fresh tamarind podsĀ  (approx 2 cups worth or 3 blocks of tamarind paste)

6 cups of lukewarm water

1/4 cup of coconut nectar (can use maple syrup, agave etc..)

a thumb piece of ginger (or 1 tsp of ground ginger)

1 tsp of vanilla extract


Use your fingers to crack the brown tamarind shells and remove the stalk from the pulp.

Place the pulp in a large heatproof bowl then carefully pour the warm water over the raw fruit.

Allow the tamarind to sit in the water for 5-10 minutes so it begins to soften.

Pour the contents of the bowl into a tall blender like a vitamix and also add fresh ginger now if you are using it, Do this in batches if required to accommodate the volume of liquid.

On the lowest setting, pulse the tamarind for 15-10 seconds so the seed separates from the pulp. The liquid will be dark cloudy brown hue and the seeds should settle at the bottom of the container. Repeat this step if necessary to ensure the seeds have pulled apart.

Pour the tamarind juice into a mesh/cheese cloth or sieve and squeeze and strain the remaining juice. Work in batches if need be.

Finally sweeten the juice with coconut nectar, vanilla and serve with ice.